Introducing Finja, the season's hottest Barbie pink leather jacket with zip-off hoody. This leather jacket is the epitome of versatility with its zip-off hoody, casual and comfortable, all while maintaining a sleek silhouette.

Crafted from 100% lambskin leather, Finja shows attention to detail with polished seams and contrasting zippers. Committed to ethical production practices, this jacket is vegetable-tanned, catering to the socially conscious consumer.

This spring and summer jacket's stunning Pink hue, complemented by a contrasting light grey poly/cotton insert, exudes casual elegance. Whether adorned with the insert for a relaxed vibe or worn without the hoody for a more upscale look, this jacket promises enduring style for years to come.

Interior features such as hidden pockets with uplifting messages delicately printed on the cotton lining ini the same color suddenly enhance the tailored appeal of this garment.

With a classified RF (regular fit) silhouette, contemporary in nature, size up for the perfect fit, ensuring utmost comfort and style. Made in Germany.

    $298.00 USD